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Coaching Services

As a trained crisis counselor and recently a certified coach, I find that my most powerful skill is holding space for people to explore their own journey. There is something powerful about being deeply heard in a non-judgmental and kind environment, where all thoughts are welcome. I would love to assist you with the following services:

Life Coaching

Who do I work with?

My services are mostly for women who are:

  • facing major life changes and need clarity on how to move forward.
  • feeling unfulfilled with life and pondering, “is this all there is?”
  • putting their joy on hold while taking care of family and business.
  • searching for meaning and their true purpose.

Together we will explore your life’s journey, your dreams for the life you wish to lead, and how to live a joy-filled life right now by setting commitments and taking practical steps forward.

Career Coaching

What services do I offer?

My services are mostly for women who are:

  • mid-career, feel stuck in a job they hate, but not sure where to go next.
  • between jobs, desperate to find their true north, yet need to put food on the table.
  • re-entering the workforce and unsure how to find their own voice.
  • yearn to do meaningful work that makes a difference in the world.
  • wish to find a work community that aligns with their values and where they can be their authentic self.
  • love their job, yet find they are lacking the traction they need to see their career take off.

Together we will identify your values, your goals, and put steps in place to attain your dream career.

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