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Debbie Rynhoud, Life Coach
Debbie Rynhoud, Life Coach

I am a dream-catcher.  I have spent most of my adult life in a corporate environment being a confidant, a mentor, a coach and a whisperer who asks, “What dreams are on your list yet to be fulfilled? What is holding you back from realizing them?”

As a trained crisis counselor and recently a certified coach, I find that my most powerful skill is holding space for people to explore their own journey. There is something powerful about being deeply heard in a non-judgmental and kind environment, where all thoughts are welcome.

I do believe that we each have our own answers within.  Having someone witness our life as we take mindful steps towards our own center, discover our core purpose, and walk our way back out into the world to share our gifts, is the very bliss we all seek.

Have you found your passion and are you following it?

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